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Name of Bird is a Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Rehearsal in Central Park, NYC

Featuring Name of Bird Founding Members, Bevin Bell-Hall and Tim Welsh

Photo Credit: Charlie Hall

By Nick Payne



 Devised By the Ensemble

Name of Bird's first production, Nick Payne's beautifully written, Constellations is crafted through our exciting and joyful process of Fantastic Psycho-Physical Realism, inspired by the Michael Chekhov Technique, The Moscow Art Theatre and beyond. This ensemble 

driven production is like us - process based, actor 

centered and over a year in the making.

Constellations is being performed in educational and studio settings nationally and 

internationally; strides are being made towards an NYC run. Contact us for details.

The Cast of Power at Mount Union University

Featuring Name of Bird's Artists in Residence at GLMCC 2017, Tim Welsh, Bevin Bell-Hall, Bradford Sadler and Dean Coutris

Photo Credit: Jamie Koeth

Bird's first BUZZFeeD! Eric made friends with 100 Strangers in a Day. We were some of those strangers. Check out our appearances at 1:57, 2:29, and 3:35.